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SAVAGE HIPPIES group band established since 2004 by JAMES VOLTA (voc and 2nd guitaris) and MhaLR (bassist ft seasonoist drummer).Before savage hippies this band was named a Mysterious Train.then this band was quit slow for awhile coz JaMES (vox n 2nd guitaris)have an EXAM for his SPM and continue his studies. Since 2008,this band was named SAVAGE HIPPIES and still play in rock n roll, Garage , Psychedelic .. and also keep them motto "PLAY JUST FOR FUN ! NOT FOR SERiOUS". by the way thanx to our Comunity( THE SOULLOOK COMUNITY ) and our below friend coz alway support us.. for more info..visit our own myspace band : www.myspace.com/thesavagehiipies...to listen and dont forget to drop commen for our own song.right now we have our own song,and plan gonna make demo first then E.P..hope you're enjoy listen to our own song... ..list of the song.. ROOM ON FIRE>.. LIFE IS A WAR.. <HEART OF STEEL.. AIN'T FALLIN DOWN.. WE ALL STILL YOUNG.. UNTIL END OF THE GAME.. LOVE AND DISASTER.. DONT GO

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

indipendent voice for unite gig aug 08,2010 (lahad datu )

let's together to having fun in indipendent voice for unite gig
JaMEs vOLTa the vocalis ft 2nd guitaris
MhaLR the bassist
RENZO the guitaris
NaN the drummer
savage hippies ft orang planet
waiting for a moment to perform
savage hippies ft orang planet

indipendent voice for unite gig aug 08,2010 (lahad datu )

sound check

Monday, August 16, 2010


the end of battle
indipendent voice for unite

indipendent voice for unite